Oppdatert 14.08.2020



…To Jeamara Kennel; a small kennel based in the middle of Norway, approximately 1 hour from the capital, Oslo.

We are a professional Akita breeder that occasionally also have puppies for sale. We are striving to produce quality Akita puppies from top lines.



Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or feedback; kenneljeamara@gmail.com



"Wander through our "Kennel" to get to know me and my dogs, you can find out as much as you want about  my philosophy and activities that go into showing, breeding, and promoting this wonderful breed . Along the way , be sure to visit our individual dog pages. You'll see what my dogs look like, and what breed type we strive to make here at Jeamara.  Jeamara Kennel also has our slogan "Temperament Above All"  This way we hope to produce healthy, happy  dogs  in every way  possible ." 


Lisa Johansen