Amfasion Irresistible Desire

Bre-z is my third import from Russia, she came as a 7 month old smiley girl who attach herself to me straight away. She could go of leash shortly after she came, because she would not go far away from her mum <3 
She has a lot of energy and loves to work . Dosen't matter what it is she gives it her all(100%)  
and are a quick learner, and don't demand much in return. 
She can't get enough cuddles and if she can she will lay on top of you on the sofa . 

I think this girl has a lot to give us here in Norway, she has a lovely type ,super temperament  and the best personality. She will do me as proud in the show ring as in our everyday life. And in the future she will produce som lovely pups <3 

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