Here at Jeamara kennel we strive to produce top quality dogs in all ways possible . When putting togheter a breeding we are very selective and try to produce healthy , happy quality dogs and as true to the breed type we can. 

But sometimes plans dont go the way we want and puppies/dogs get sick or are born with diseases we could not predict. 

We do health test and try to keep us updated on the lines we are using and study the breed and keep updated with health issues that may appear in the breed.

Many genetic diseases do not manifest themselves until the dog is older and may have already been bred. 


Even when breeding two dogs that pass all health clearance , and you have information long way back in the pedigree. You could have a puppy with patella, skin or eye problem. Unfortunately there is never 100% guarantee.  Health testing and sourcing for information in the pedigree helps to ensure you’re doing everything possible to breed healthy puppies.


When I sell a puppy, I must be able to say that I have done everything I can to produce a healthy dog. I want my dogs to live long happy healthy lives. I want the owners to know the puppy they are purchasing comes from a breeding program where health, longevity, and temperament drive the effort.

When breeding dogs there is one thing that i see as the most important, and that is openness and honesty . There is no reputable breeder who makes sick dogs intentionally .
But it will sadly happen to us all...
It is important to be honest about problems that arise in their lines with other breeders and buyers, it is the only way to stop or being able to follow the disease or condition.

What is the point of keeping quiet on issues when sharing your knowledge of your own lines can only help others in the long run?

When this is said i don’t mean that you have to flash everything out on facebook and other social medias and do as i will do now on this site. But be honest if people ask you.
And there is a big different between rumors and facts. There are sadly still much jealousy so i will not belive all i hear , but try to check it out myself and keep it in the back of my head..


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